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What Are Solar Screens and How Do They Work?

Have you ever wondered about easy ways to cut your energy expenses and make your home more efficient? If you're like most homeowners, the answer is probably yes. But finding useful answers to these questions is another story altogether. You've probably heard that new windows can make a difference – and this is true if

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What Type of Awning Should I Choose for My Storefront?

There are a lot of different reasons to install an awning over your storefront, and the pleasant visual effect from the street is just one of them. Awnings also offer a bit of protection from the elements for your customers and colleagues. They make your storefront stand out, provide better advertising for your establishment, and

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Should I Leave My Awning Out During the Winter?

There are plenty of places in the continental U.S. where winter just isn't much of an issue. You'll usually feel the difference between winter and summer even in Southern California, but you certainly won't be dealing with a great number of winterization issues. Life rolls on pretty much the same way, despite the average temperature

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Will Your Awning Hold Up This Winter?

As the warm months of summer fade into memory and the leaves start falling from the trees, those of us who live in wintry areas have to start thinking about a little thing called "winterization." Houses and vehicles are probably the two main things to consider. You have to think about starting up the furnace,

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What are the Benefits of a Solar Screen?

If you've even driven a car with tinted windows, you know how helpful it can be on a bright and sunny day. Your eyes strain less, the interior stays cooler, and you feel more comfortable in general as you drive. Solar screens are the "home" equivalent to tinted windows. Using a special mesh construction, manufacturers

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5 Reasons to Install a Cabana for Summer

What's a better way to beat the summer heat than to relax in a tasteful, custom-built shaded structure outside? No doubt you've seen or heard about private cabanas you can rent for the day near Vegas pools or Florida beaches. Imagine the splendor of having one right in your very own yard this summer —

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What is a Valance and Why Should I Get One?

The valance is one of those things pretty much everybody has seen — yet far fewer know it by name. When you see an interior top treatment on a window (that fixed little curtain that hangs down just a short distance and covers little, if any, of the actual window), you're probably looking at a valance.

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Client Testimonials

17' x 11'6" Durasol Elite (Mounted on Stucco wall finish w/hood)

"We love the quality of the awning and it enables us to use our patio during the hottest part of the day. When fully extended, it feels like we added a room to the house."

G. Puma
Shrewsbury, NJ
26' x 13' Durasol Elite (Roof Mounted split roller design & hood)

"This new Durasol awning is great! We love it and we can hardly wait to begin enjoying our deck again with the luxury of shade..."

F. Demuria
Hazlet, NJ
20' x 11'6" Durasol Elite (Wall Mounted w/premium frame color)

"We love our new Durasol awning, especially with this hot summer weather and received so many compliments on the fabric and frame color we selected..."

G. Fiore
Marlboro, NJ

KE Durasol
Professional Awning Manufacturers Association
Home Advisor
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