Which Type of Awning is Best for My Business?

Of all the decisions you make as a business owner or manager, which do you think are the most important. Obviously this is a subjective question, and it boils down to the nature of your specific business. You certainly want to pay special attention to hiring the right people. Perfecting your product or service is also really important, as is finding the right way to brand and market the business.

Appearances also matter – especially when you operate a brick-and-mortar retail or service location. This is your presentation to the neighborhood into the world. Even if people are just walking by, they will develop an impression of your business. The name and appearance be a deciding factor in whether or not they eventually go inside and see what it’s all about.

Awnings have been popular with business owners for a very long time. They shade the entrance, provide shelter from rain, and give a certain aesthetic boost to businesses of all kinds. Boutique shops – such as cafés, hair salons, bakeries, convenience stores, and other local businesses – are an especially good fit for custom designed awnings.

Deciding whether or not to install an awning over your storefront or business entrance may not be the most important decision you make all month, or even all week. But it is a decision that matters. And if you decide to install an awning, you’ll have to decide what type of awning to install.

So what is the best type of awning for your business?


Retractable awnings are hugely popular with all types of businesses. They’re professionally customized and mounted to the wall, roof or soffit of the business. Manual and motorized options are available, using stainless steel cables. The finish, strength, and functionality of retractable awnings have made a big leap forward in recent years — in addition to the design component.


Restaurants, cafés, catering companies, or corporate dining areas are often interested in custom-made canopy awnings. They can expand functional seating areas and provide a solid “al fresco” dining option, with installation that is either permanent or seasonal. Canopy awnings are usually available in vinyl or acrylic, with versatile roll-down features and panels that can be removed or attached. The important thing with a canopy awning is matching the design to your existing space or concept.


Storefront awnings can either be “laced on” seasonally, or permanently welded to the storefront/entrance. An array of shapes, slopes, textures and colors is available now — business owners will definitely not go wanting when it comes to custom storefront awning design.

Finding the right specialist

Awnings (including business awnings) are a specialty market with an array of manufacturers and installation experts. If you’re considering an awning for your business, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about making the best choice, consider reaching out to an awning installation specialist. A simple conversation over the phone should give you a better idea of what to look for, and whether this company can be trusted with your business awning needs.

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Client Testimonials

17' x 11'6" Durasol Elite (Mounted on Stucco wall finish w/hood)

"We love the quality of the awning and it enables us to use our patio during the hottest part of the day. When fully extended, it feels like we added a room to the house."

G. Puma
Shrewsbury, NJ
26' x 13' Durasol Elite (Roof Mounted split roller design & hood)

"This new Durasol awning is great! We love it and we can hardly wait to begin enjoying our deck again with the luxury of shade..."

F. Demuria
Hazlet, NJ
20' x 11'6" Durasol Elite (Wall Mounted w/premium frame color)

"We love our new Durasol awning, especially with this hot summer weather and received so many compliments on the fabric and frame color we selected..."

G. Fiore
Marlboro, NJ

KE Durasol
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Home Advisor
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