How Do Motorized Awnings Work?

Homeowners have been playing a lot of attention to motorized retractable awnings recently, and for good reason. In today’s world of multi-functionality and the versatile use of space, a retractable awning fits the bill perfectly. It gives you shade when you need it, yet neatly folds away at the touch of a button when you don’t. A skilled motorized awning company will also be able to help you settle on a design that works for your outdoor living space. After all, it’s not just about functionality. Appearances matter too.

So what are the biggest benefits of fitting your property with a motorized awning? Let’s take them one by one. Then you’ll have a clearer idea whether or not a motorized awning is something you want to invest in.

1. They’re more convenient

The ability to extend or retract an awning, to whatever point you wish, is something many homeowners can’t really appreciate until they’ve tried it. Consider the experience of using a manual awning. Sure, turning a lever to extend or retract the awning is only a minor inconvenience for most people, but it’s a task that can grow surprisingly tiresome over time. A motorized awning eliminates this problem, and most models even come with a remote control, so you can actually adjust the position of the awning while you relax.

There are also situations in which you want to retract your awning, such as inclement weather and rain. Being able to manage your awning with the touch of a button, without having to stand outside and manually retract it, is enormously useful in these situations.

2. They’re aesthetically superior

There are some good manual awning designs out there, to be sure. But one important difference between manual and motorized awnings is the presence of frames and support beams. Whether you’re relaxing underneath the awning or looking at it from afar, this definitely affects your aesthetic sensibilities. There’s also the question of reduced space and freedom of movement when you’re underneath the awning.

Motorized awnings can eliminate much of this clutter and give you a sleeker, more streamlined appearance from all angles. The combination of a more attractive appearance and far-greater functionality is why so many homeowners are investigating motorized awnings today.

3. They’re versatile

Many people simply don’t realize how far the technology has come. It’s entirely possible to have an awning with motion and wind sensors that tell the awning to retract automatically when the weather kicks up, thereby protecting your investment. Drop screens can give added shade and protection ate in the day. Colored frames and cloth-wrapped front bars give a softer, more pleasing appearance. Advanced Gortex-Tenera fabrics and specially treated aluminum give longer life, preventing common problems of the past such as erosion and fading.

Where to look for a motorized awning?

The best and most successful experiences tend to come from dedicated motorized awning specialists who know their products inside and out, and offer professional-grade installation backed by a proper guarantee. Finding a reputable specialist with years of experience and plenty of positive reviews is more likely to get you the motorized awning solution you really want and need.

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Client Testimonials

17' x 11'6" Durasol Elite (Mounted on Stucco wall finish w/hood)

"We love the quality of the awning and it enables us to use our patio during the hottest part of the day. When fully extended, it feels like we added a room to the house."

G. Puma
Shrewsbury, NJ
26' x 13' Durasol Elite (Roof Mounted split roller design & hood)

"This new Durasol awning is great! We love it and we can hardly wait to begin enjoying our deck again with the luxury of shade..."

F. Demuria
Hazlet, NJ
20' x 11'6" Durasol Elite (Wall Mounted w/premium frame color)

"We love our new Durasol awning, especially with this hot summer weather and received so many compliments on the fabric and frame color we selected..."

G. Fiore
Marlboro, NJ

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