Get Shade anywhere at anytime with our free standing retractable awnings, cabana awnings & motorized pergola awnings.

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Awning Design is central New Jersey’s leading source for residential or commercial free standing awnings. Homeowners may consider using by a pool, over a hot tub, patio, deck, grilling station or pergola sitting area. An excellent option for outdoor restaurant seating, company lunch area, community pool club, school or childcare facility.

Motorized awnings, manual awnings and stationary awnings are available. All free standing awnings are custom-made, professionally installed with Awning Design and factory backed warranties. Seasonal put-up & take-down, cleaning & repairs services offered.

Why Consider a Free Standing Awning?

  • Provides sun protection free from the house or building
  • Reduces temperature up to 20 degrees
  • Sizes to fit any need
  • Seasonal or permanent coverage
  • Available with side panels or roll drops
  • Adds privacy from the outside.
  • Protects from light or moderate rain
  • Flexible Shade at Your Control