Direct, protect and show off the entrance of your business with our array of custom made door awnings.

Awning Design entry door are custom made, durable and great looking, providing their owners with trouble free & reliable service. Using the latest production methods and highest-grade materials, we can add useable space to any restaurant, catering facility, school or corporate cafeteria.

Our Storefront Awning Features:

  • Seasonal “lace-on” or permanent welded aluminum framing
  • Decorative assistance creating the perfect appearance
  • Professional measuring & CAD process ensuring a proper fit
  • Long wearing stitching to minimize breakage & weathering
  • Welded panel seams for improved durability & moisture protection
  • Hundreds of commercial vinyl, or acrylic fabric options
  • Flexible roll drops or removable panels create year-round use

What Can Awning Design Do for You?

  • Seasonal Put up / Take Down & Storage
  • Remake Worn out Valances & Replace Broken Hardware
  • Fabric Cleaning Service