Have you ever wondered about easy ways to cut your energy expenses and make your home more efficient? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is probably yes. But finding useful answers to these questions is another story altogether. You’ve probably heard that new windows can make a difference – and this is true if your existing windows are extremely drafty. You might have heard about modern, more efficient HVAC systems. This can also make a big difference, especially if your existing HVAC systems are outdated and sucking up a lot of energy. You may even have researched solar panels as a way to offset your energy costs – especially if you live in an area where the sun is constantly shining.

All of these measures can make a difference toward lowering your energy costs – but none them are really a “cheap” or “easy” solution. All of them require a significant investment without any real guarantee on what the long-term results will actually be.

Here’s where solar screens come in. It’s worth saying up front that solar screens won’t do anything to reduce your heating bills in the winter – but when it comes to keeping your home cooler at a lower cost, solar screen are definitely worth looking into.

How does this work?

Solar screens are constructed out of a sophisticated type of mesh – usually this is a woven polyester mesh with a coating of PVC to make it extra durable. The screens themselves are usually installed on the exterior of the windows. The result is a significant reduction in the amount of heat transfer through the windows, which can lead to significantly lower cooling costs – without a big investment.

Are there any drawbacks to using solar screens?

That really depends on the person and the neighborhood. In some cases, people feel that solar screens detract from the aesthetic appearance of a property, due to their black appearance. Another possible issue is the weather. If you live in areas where high winds and precipitation tend to occur at various points through the year, solar screen installed on the exterior of your home can become damaged over time.

Some people also suggest that with a darker indoor environment, people spend more on lighting – although if you add up the cost of lighting and compare it to that of cooling, there’s really not much contest in most cases. And when you open your windows for ventilation, solar screens might inhibit the flow of air.

These are the common complaints against solar screens – but the truth is, for many homeowners, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. If you consult a professional who has experience and training with all types of solar screens, you’ll get a strong sense of what works and what doesn’t for your home. It’s also possible to install solar screens on the inside of your home to reduce the aesthetic change caused by exterior insulation. Finally, there are solar screens that can be mechanically raised and lowered for ultimately convenience.

There’s no doubt that solar screens can play a role in reducing your energy costs during warm weather – but finding the right solutions means finding the right professional!

If you’ve even driven a car with tinted windows, you know how helpful it can be on a bright and sunny day. Your eyes strain less, the interior stays cooler, and you feel more comfortable in general as you drive.

Solar screens are the “home” equivalent to tinted windows. Using a special mesh construction, manufacturers have developed screens that effectively block the sun without compromise aesthetic appeal or views from inside the home. Here are the biggest benefits of installing solar screens on your windows.

Reflects the sun’s harmful rays

We all know the sun is vital and necessary to live, and moderate doses of sunlight are healthy. But we also know that there are many harmful effects of too much sunlight, and being exposed to those rays can lead to health complications. A solar screen is useful in this respect, since it reflects up to 88% of the harmful, negative effects of direct sunlight.

Decreases room temperature

Who doesn’t want to save a buck on energy costs when temperatures rise? Solar shields are incredibly good at keeping temperatures lower inside. In many cases, this means your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the space cool. Over the long time, this translates to lower monthly energy costs.

Unobstructed views

Although the special mesh of a quality solar screen will stop the heat and glare of the sun from entering your home, it will not stop you from enjoying unobstructed views from inside. You still have a great view and plenty of light, but the heat and glare are kept out, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable throughout the year.

Gives more privacy

Depending on your neighborhood, and how densely populated it is, privacy can be a real issue. Solar screens cut the glare and heat from the sun, but also double as privacy barriers, allowing people inside the home to see out while preventing those outside from seeing in.

Cuts the glare

If you’ve ever found yourself squinting in your own home, as a result of the glare from the sun invading through your windows, you’ll be interested to know that solar screens are highly effective at cutting the visual glare of the sun, creating a more comfortable indoor environment for you and your family.

Protects furniture

You may not realize that direct exposure to sunlight (including sunlight that comes through windows) can fade and warp your furniture over time. Solar screens provide the added benefit of protecting your precious possessions from the damaging rays of the sun.

Finding the right solution for solar screens

There are a lot of solar screens on the market, and a lot of companies out there who install them. But before you choose which product to buy and which contractor to hire, it’s worth doing a bit of research to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. A reputable solar screen specialist will have vital knowledge to share, and can help you find the best products in your price range. Expert installation with written guarantees is also a must for your solar screen investment.

image197bIf you’re like most people who own a home or business, you’re always on the lookout for smart solutions that save cash and make life easier. But most of what people try to sell you doesn’t really deliver. Gimmicks are everywhere, and the last thing people need is to invest cash in something that turns to have little redeeming value.

Solar screens do not fall in that category. When you invest in a quality solar screen and have it installed by professionals who know their stuff, you’ll understand why. They deliver immediate and long term benefits to businesses and homes alike, and people who have solar screens professionally installed report extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.

Interested to find out why? Here are five reasons why you should consider a solar screen for your home or business.  

  1. Saves Energy

A quality solar screen is built to block the sun’s heat, including UV radiation. That means you’ll need less cooling power during the Summer months. Quality solar screens lower the interior temperature by up to 10 degrees (more, in some cases). Lower energy bills and less impact on the environment are two huge benefits of a professionally designed and installed solar screen for your home or business. With a single investment, you can block the heat naturally and save on energy costs.

  1. Gives Privacy

Solar screens give the unique benefit of blocking the view from the outside in, but allow you to see clearly from the inside out. This is desirable for many homes and businesses for the same reasons tinted windows are desirable for vehicle-owners. It adds to a sense of privacy and discretion while allow you to clearly monitor what’s going on outside.

  1. Eliminates Glare and Provide Black Out

Ever been unable to sleep because the light is too bright coming off the street? Or unable to work due to intense sunlight streaming into your office and creating both glare and unwanted heat? Solar screens can fix all that, and they come in a sleek and attractive package.

  1. It’s Flexible

Depending on what type of solar screen you choose (and who installs it), you can have useful features like retractability and even mechanization. This means you can have the solar screen in place when you need it, and have it stowed neatly out of sight when you don’t. The flexibility of solar screens is another key reason why so many businesses and homeowners are investing in them.

  1. It’s Affordable

Consideration all the benefits of solar screens, the investment-to-value ratio is extremely high. A very modest investment can result in energy saving and other benefits for years to come; and today’s solar screens are very dependable.

Where Should I Look for a Quality Solar Screen?

Investing in a quality brand like DuraShade is a good idea for a number of reasons. They’re well-built, attractive, durable, and covered by a robust factory warranty. Another key toward making a quality choice is consulting with a solar screen installation specialist who knows these products inside and out. Many of them offer free consultations that give you useful insights on what type of solar screen would best fit your needs.